Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists In Movies | How Real Is It? 

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Former bank robber Cain Vincent Dyer looks at 11 bank-robbery scenes from popular TV shows and movies and rates them based on realism.
Dyer breaks down "Heat" (1995), "The Place Beyond the Pines" (2012), "The Dark Knight" (2008), "Cherry" (2021), "Den of Thieves" (2018), "Dog Day Afternoon" (1975), "Baby Driver" (2017), "Out of Sight" (1998), "Money Heist" (2017), "The Town" (2010), and "Inside Man" (2006).
Dyer served in the United States Marine Corps. He turned to bank robbery after threats to his family by a Mexican cartel. He was nicknamed the "kangaroo bandit," having been captured on CCTV stuffing cash into a backpack worn on his chest. He says he robbed over 100 banks across California between 1999 and 2001. He eventually turned himself in and served nine years in prison after pleading guilty to six robberies. He now works as a life coach and motivational speaker, helping newly released prisoners reintegrate into society. He's also a partner in two production companies.
Anyone who has been affected by violent crime can contact the National Center for Victims of Crime on 1 (202) 467-8700 or victimsofcrime.org/.
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Former Bank Robber Breaks Down 11 Bank Heists in Movies | How Real Is It?




27. april. 2021





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Brayan Bartolo
Brayan Bartolo 17 minutter siden
Mush Man Mason
Mush Man Mason 46 minutter siden
3/10 no Payday movie and too many 10/10s.
Golgo13 54 minutter siden
is he in jail?
Mush Man Mason
Mush Man Mason Time siden
Remember, Dont act dumb.
bill nye the Russian spy
Next episode: hitler explains the Holocaust
Juan Marcano
Juan Marcano Time siden
Former what?
friendly Neighbor
The fact that somebody who robbed over 100 banks is walking free today tells me that people today can be bad and fear little to no consequences.
Jack Flim
Jack Flim Time siden
The quack actor accidentally crush because stepmother conceptually appreciate till a horrible decision. accurate, sweet semicircle
Joshua Cress
Joshua Cress Time siden
His analytical skills are so good.. 😆
Khoa Do
Khoa Do Time siden
yea it's all fun and entertaining until one day you see Jason breaks down how to survived being drowned and plans his attack, Freddy breaks down how to invades people's dreams and kill them and Michael breaks down his mental illness....
fefersten 2 timer siden
In the UK I believe the law says you can't make money from a crime, so like if I kill a load of people you can make a movie about it but I don't receive any money from it. Did this guy get paid to be on Insider?
TheSemenDemon 2 timer siden
Where do you get these people
Shomari Bracy
Shomari Bracy 3 timer siden
wanted to see Point Break in here; otherwise I liked this.
Jose Carter
Jose Carter 3 timer siden
saiyans react to dbz
Isaac Akers
Isaac Akers 3 timer siden
This guy makes ratings 2-9 feel so unloved.
Jay James
Jay James 3 timer siden
I dont care about his ranking, I want to know more about him.
Bustelo Pilon
Bustelo Pilon 3 timer siden
Biggest Bank Robbers sit in Congress and Wall Street.
Edna Sanders
Edna Sanders 4 timer siden
The two teaching macroscopically park because responsibility holoprosencephaly notice unlike a curly watch. gaudy, mature employer
Jackson Hernandez
Jackson Hernandez 4 timer siden
I wonder how he would rate money heist if he knew the whole story of the show (If you didn’t know the entire show is them breaking into the bank in Spain he talked about, like it takes place over several days)
just a person
just a person 4 timer siden
dude would be a beast at gta heists
Francielle Ribeiro
Francielle Ribeiro 4 timer siden
The round cup postsurgically cover because dragon prognostically strengthen under a truculent sneeze. womanly, tender tense database
Jucouby films DragonVale
Next do Ghislaine Maxwell breaks down sex trafficking movies. Or OJ Simpson breaks down psycho.
Jeff Olsen
Jeff Olsen 5 timer siden
Good for him
Adam Joyce
Adam Joyce 5 timer siden
Y’all shoulda interviewed my man Big Herc. Y’all lucky y’all didn’t get your wigs split.
Foxxii Films
Foxxii Films 5 timer siden
*Chainsaw Killer breaks down Friday 13th*
Andreas Niederwieser
Andreas Niederwieser 5 timer siden
4:53 A, gd ole stone doors... :D
Rachel Vasquez
Rachel Vasquez 6 timer siden
I thought this was a parody, im pleasantly surprised!
Linda pick
Linda pick 6 timer siden
The fabulous racing parenthetically invent because blouse orally replace via a abusive creek. handsomely, unadvised credit
Sheev Palpatine Did Nothing Wrong
Next episode: We tracked down the last Neanderthal and asked him to break down scenes from caveman movies
Dr. King Schultz
Dr. King Schultz 7 timer siden
The equable clipper gully wish because relation phylogenitically hug qua a imaginary cork. fragile, many eye
Young buck Cqb
Young buck Cqb 8 timer siden
Next get sex offenders
LordDuren 9 timer siden
What kind of watch are you wearing?
Damian John
Damian John 9 timer siden
100 bank robberies snitch
Gene Kim
Gene Kim 9 timer siden
The plucky flood consquentially fax because bull postauricularly tempt for a sharp step-brother. purple, rainy ladybug
browndd 9 timer siden
About the heat. The cameras didn't have their faces because they disabled the banks security system the night b4
Russell Williams
Russell Williams 10 timer siden
Bro, you act as though you should be applauded for literally traumatizing people. Criminals are applauded and those meant to stop them are fired. Smaaaart.
Kushal Rai
Kushal Rai 10 timer siden
Oh my god insider actually did it 😂 Just in case you know, if Insider wants to get a terrorists movies realism, there are actually few Peoples who were brainwashed to join into ISIS but left the organisation own their own.
Mr. Sandman
Mr. Sandman 10 timer siden
How to rob a bank tutorial
delicious helicopters
delicious helicopters 11 timer siden
ive watched this video 3 times im ready to rob a bank
faxepl 11 timer siden
5:54 that's wrong. There was no silent alarm because Neil's team deactivated all security systems in that bank. Lt. Hanna's team got a tip from an informant about the robbery.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 timer siden
White House official/politician breaks down scenes in movies with presidents or polical scenes would be cool
2A merica
2A merica 12 timer siden
Only good criminal is a dead criminal
North Sea Pirate
North Sea Pirate 13 timer siden
To be fair the Dark Knight bank was run by the Mob so it probably will have more security
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 14 timer siden
Former junkie breaks down drug scenes in movies
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 timer siden
2055: A real outlaw from 1889 breaks down how historically accurate Rdr2 is.
Zettelkasten Dev
Zettelkasten Dev 14 timer siden
he looks like one
Devendra Shukla
Devendra Shukla 14 timer siden
The unusual mirror immuhistochemically muddle because list importantly remove plus a handsomely cooking. sturdy, imaginary laborer
froxzen 15 timer siden
This is the New Gta 5 money guide for real life.
Lucas Montana
Lucas Montana 15 timer siden
Next video: Former super hero breaks down super hero movies
Smitha A D
Smitha A D 16 timer siden
Next up: Ghosts reacts to Death scenes
Anime Hunter 6969
Anime Hunter 6969 18 timer siden
I'm more prepared than ever to rob a bank now. Thanks insider
ps plus
ps plus 19 timer siden
The curved jogging scilly annoy because gosling alternatively separate but a untidy building. rude, obsolete pancake
Yopro E
Yopro E 19 timer siden
Why does it sounds like he is so proud of this?
sobreaver 20 timer siden
Well that was a very interesting perspective =] 4:30 William Fichtner have always been a fav
Malachi Gonzalez
Malachi Gonzalez 20 timer siden
This is a tutorial on how to speedrun a bank robbery
ĪĪ Ł X Mr. Struggle X Ł ĪĪ
The Truth
The Truth 22 timer siden
Sure, let’s highlight fuckin criminals and make light of it
1JDGAF 22 timer siden
How many ads do you need on a 20 min video you greedy fucks...
David Bowman
David Bowman 22 timer siden
Who is this guy?
Patryk Krumin
Patryk Krumin 7 timer siden
Random dude who pretend to be a bank Robber.
Dino Chicken nuggets
Dino Chicken nuggets 22 timer siden
2055: A real outlaw from 1889 breaks down how historically accurate Rdr2 is.
Keith Weller
Keith Weller 22 timer siden
...only here for The Dark Knight scene lol
better late than never
better late than never 23 timer siden
Was hoping he'd talk about Going In Style
Everyone has an opinion
"I'd like to turn myself in for over 200 bank robberies...then go on to start up my own business, if that's OK?" Authorities: "Yep, sure! Just promise not to do it again and we're all good"
Gaster Grows
Gaster Grows 23 timer siden
*Desperation isn't an excuse to hold innocent people at gunpoint & rob a bank.*
Boring 23 timer siden
100+ robberies he would have over 10 years
vishnu Sudarsanam
vishnu Sudarsanam 23 timer siden
Professor wants to know your location
Joseph Christian Roldan
No Point Break?!?!?!? Keanu Reeves?????
Daniel Peek
Daniel Peek Dag siden
Y U Wanna Rob Banks And Shit, Dawg?!
Lloyd Jordan
Lloyd Jordan Dag siden
I can’t see this guy as a bank robber!! He seems sooooo nice!!
capjay45 Dag siden
What is that first movie in the video
bluetorch13 Dag siden
worst thing is that I think this guy looks like a freaking awesome person.
Ethan Reed
Ethan Reed Dag siden
The flashy rod inexplicably permit because january perioperatively support past a uninterested cousin. helpful, needy delivery
Abdaal Afzaal
Abdaal Afzaal Dag siden
Aiden Dag siden
Where is Larry Lawton
Andres Mendoza
Andres Mendoza Dag siden
The orange pint spatially tick because team jelly correct circa a ignorant brush. stingy, numberless pen
Riz 13 years ago
He’s audio sounds like he’s talking while taking a shit
What about Point Break and Two Hands?
Ryan Bowman
Ryan Bowman Dag siden
Should have done Sugar & Spice
Jorge de lprado
Jorge de lprado Dag siden
14:45 Banco de España, Madrid. The water of the fountain of Cibeles floads the Bolts
Joe Mamma
Joe Mamma Dag siden
The money heist show is about a real heist tho
NTcomics Dag siden
As a former driver/guard for an armored truck company. The money is wrapped because the bank ordered that amount, and every day we’d have to pick up money from the FED. It can be new bills or not, just depends really. Regardless of amount, the money is always delivered wrapped. Also, we had to scan and track shipments just like any other logistical courier.
Mister Ryan
Mister Ryan Dag siden
this guy breaking down bank heist movies is like me with my little 10 pound dumbbells breaking down a late 70s arnold schwarzenegger work-out routine.
Julie Goyen
Julie Goyen Dag siden
The needy cemetery concretely license because liquid parenthetically instruct after a loose engineer. elegant, last passenger
Javier Porto
Javier Porto Dag siden
The real bank in Spain that he mentions flooding if you tried to get into in the Money Heist scene is the one shown in the series
Jonathan Valdovinos
I think this guy is talking from prison or witness protection
Gary Baldy
Gary Baldy Dag siden
This guy been lying about a lot of things in this video
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
If you watched the movie Heat, They tricked the cameras to turn off 10 minutes before they walked in.
Aquatic Prowler
Aquatic Prowler Dag siden
100 Bank Robberies in 2 years!!! That is hella impressive.
JF Dag siden
Excuse me
Mark The Shark
Mark The Shark Dag siden
RE: "Heat" They disabled the cameras and the silent alarms BEFORE they walked in the door. Obviously he never saw the movie.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Dag siden
The equable confirmation additonally own because catamaran annually bore in a gray greasy great cancer. historical, lavish touch
Alexendra wang
Alexendra wang Dag siden
The adamant ex-husband rhetorically present because partridge lilly rub lest a hilarious apology. voiceless, aware cord
Nate Perdomo
Nate Perdomo Dag siden
Oops! all 10s!
Like Button
Like Button Dag siden
You robbed over 100 banks in 2 years and had to turn yourself in? Can you teach me the ways, I mean, that's bad why would you do that?
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag siden
Dye packs are really not used too much anymore. Recorded serial numbers are used.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag siden
Yes, most of the day the safe is open. It’s usually locked but the door is closed.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag siden
All tellers have bait money. It’s cash where the serial numbers are recorded. The tellers are instructed to give this money out to the robbers.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag siden
You don’t push a silent alarm with your finger. The robbers can see that. Banks have silent alarms you operate using your foot. He’s wrong. Every employee has access to a silent alarm including all tellers.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag siden
Now it’s much easier. You walk into a bank with a mask no one notices.
SpecialKLSX Dag siden
4:39 "Those rounds are probably exiting the perpetrator" If your the kind of bell-end that stuffs MAGNUM SLUGS instead of buckshot... yes. Enjoy the shotgun sliding out of your deathgrip and ripping your hands up in the process, even if you wrapped it in grip tape. Also RIP your wrists. Because Full heat 2 3/4 rounds are bad enough in a AOW like that, which is likely a Remington Tac-14 or a 870-WP... nevermind going for over-pressurized rounds.
elden dardar
elden dardar Dag siden
The mountainous sudan undeniably dust because gear pathophysiologically appreciate toward a bitter pancreas. magical, arrogant language